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R & D

A WORLD CLASS R&D TEAM MICROTEK has In-House R&D, managed by highly motivated, professionally qualified and experienced world class team of professionals,headed by IITians, and is strongly dedicated to provide technologically advanced and high quality products. Microtek's R&D is fully equipped with State-Of-The-Art World Class sophisticated testing equipments. The R&D is continuously working on products development as per changing products usage criteria and for users benefit by making the products more and more efficient.


  1. BATTERY AUTO SENSING : The current models of Microtek Inverters/UPS have New smart Charger design, which automatically adjusts the Battery Cut-off Voltage, which results into Proper Battery Charging, Less Battery Heating and Greater Battery Life.

  2. HIGHER INVERTER/UPS EFFICIENCY : Microtek's R&D team has excelled once again. The Inverter/UPS Efficiency will now be 90%. This will result into Less Power Loss, Reduced Heating, Higher Power Output Delivery and LONG BACK-UP.

  3. HIGH FREQUENCY INVERTERS/UPS : Coming soon are the New Generation, Transformer less Technology based / Inverters/UPS. Designed for Noiseless and Sinewave Performance. Specially designed to suit Indian Power Conditions.

  4. SOLAR INVERTER SERIES : Microtek's R&D Team is working on the future series of Inverters, which will be Solar Charge Controller Inverters. In these models the Efficiency will be as high as 94%.