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Microtek International Private Limited

NM72MX2KK11 2KVA / 1600W

  • Capacity : 2KVA/1600W
  • Battery :
  • DC Voltage : 72VDC
  • Charge Current : 0.7A~08A
  • Communication Interface : RS232; SNMP(optional)
  • LED/LCD Indication : LCD Indications
  • Noise Level : < 45dB
  • Dimensions Product (L*W*H) in mm : 421*190*336
  • Net Weight Product (Kg.) : 12.10Kg.
  • Features
  • Specifications

- High frequency and double conversion online technology
- High end Micro Controller Based.
- Wide Input voltage range
- Advanced PFC Technology
- Advanced Battery Management
- Automatic Battery Charging in UPS off mode
- Short Circuit and overload protection
- Smart RS232 Communication with monitoring software
- SNMP card slot (optional)
- Over Temperature Protection.
- EMI / RFI noise filter
- LCD/LED Display simultaneously
- Specially designed to suit Indian power and environment conditions
- Generator Compatible
- Isolation Transformer (Optional)
- Over Temperature Protection.
- Different output Voltage settings.
- Output Frequency fixed at 50Hz or can be synchronized with Input Frequency.
- Static Bypass Enable or Disable.
- Outlets Programmable and non programmable.
- Protection from DC Fan failure.

Technical Specifications





2KVA / 1600W


Voltage Range


When load < 50%, range is 118±5VAC~295±5VAC

When ± 50% load, input range is 160±5VAC~295±5VAC






Single Phase

Input Power Factor


≥ 0.95




208/220/230/240V AC

Frequency Range


50Hz ± 0.2%

THD (Liner Load)



THD (Non-Liner Load)



Overload Capability


>110% 30s turn to bypass mode;

>150%, 200ms turn to bypass

Crest Factor


3:1 (max)

Shot Circuit Protection


5 cycles turn off inverter, no transfer to bypass, provide alarm (AC mode), 5 cycles turn off inverter, provide alarm (battery mode), input fuse blown or breaker action



Pure Sine Wave

Transfer time AC to bypass mode


4ms (typical 2.5ms)




BatteryDC Voltage 



Charge Current


0.7A ~ 08A

Communication Interface


RS232; SNMP (optional)

LED / LCD Indication


LCD Indications

Noise Level



Dimensions Product (LxWxH) in mm / Net Wt. Product (Kg.)


421 x 190 x 336 / 12.10Kg.