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Microtek International Private Limited

NM36MX1KK11-1B 1KVA/800W

  • Capacity : 1KVA/800W
  • Battery :
  • DC Voltage : 36VDC(3Batt. 7.2H Inside)
  • Charge Current : 0.7A
  • Communication Interface : RS232; SNMP(optional)
  • LED/LCD Indication : LCD Indications
  • Noise Level : < 45dB
  • Dimensions Product (L*W*H) in mm : 400*145*220
  • Net Weight Product (Kg.) : 13.9Kg.
  • Features
  • Specifications

- High frequency and double conversion online technology
- High end IGBT based.
- High end Micro Controller Based.
- Wide Input voltage range
- Advanced PFC Technology
- Advanced Battery Management
- Automatic Battery Charging in UPS off mode
- Short Circuit and overload protection
- Smart RS232 Communication with monitoring software
- SNMP card slot (optional)
- Over Temperature Protection.
- EMI / RFI noise filter
- LCD/LED Display simultaneously
- Specially designed to suit Indian power and environment conditions
- Generator Compatible(Supplying SInewave Voltage)
- Isolation Transformer (Optional)
- Over Temperature Protection.
- Different output Voltage settings.
- Output Frequency fixed at 50Hz or can be synchronized with Input Frequency.
- Static Bypass Enable or Disable.
- Outlets Programmable and non programmable.
- Protection from DC Fan failure.
- Inbuilt Over Voltage Cut-Off Device.

Technical Specifications





1KVA / 800W


Voltage Range


When load < 50%, range is 118±5VAC~295±5VAC

When ± 50% load, input range is 160±5VAC~295±5VAC






Single Phase

Input Power Factor






208/220/230/240V AC

Frequency Range


50Hz ± 0.2%

THD (Liner Load)



THD (Non-Liner Load)



Overload Capability


>110% 30s turn to bypass mode;

>150%, 200ms turn to bypass

Crest Factor


3:1 (max)

Shot Circuit Protection


5 cycles turn off inverter, no transfer to bypass, provide alarm (AC mode), 5 cycles turn off inverter, provide alarm (battery mode), input fuse blown or breaker action



Pure Sine Wave

Transfer time AC to bypass mode


4ms (typical 2.5ms)



≥ 85%~92%


DC Voltage


36VDC(3Batt. 7.2AH inside)


Charge Current



Communication Interface


RS232; SNMP (optional)

LED / LCD Indication


LCD Indications

Noise Level



Dimensions Product (LxWxH) in mm / Net Wt. Product (Kg.)


400 x 145 x 237 / 13.9Kg.